'Shop Floor Man' Brings Humor to the Workplace

The genesis for the comic strip was to get young people involved in manufacturing and try to reach them through social media with Shop Floor Man as a spokesperson.


Through-Coolant for Swiss Machines

This system allows shops to quickly transform the standard external-coolant live tooling heads on their turning machine turrets into those with through-tool-coolant capability.

Inspection & Measurement Equipment

Maximizing Metrology’s Flexibility

Simplified and more direct measuring and inspection functions speed time to market while handling a wider range of parts and surfaces.
Standard grooving tools from .004" in .001" increments with any corner radius. We stock more than 100,000 tools!

Production Machining
October Issue

Bar Feeder Selection

Six Reasons Steel is Vacuum Treated

Vacuum degassing treatments, along with various de-oxidation practices, are specified to control the amounts of dissolved gases in the steel.

Medical Machining / Parts Cleaning Equipment

Filling Bins While the Building is Empty

Over the past decade, technology has advanced to the point that lights-out machining is more seamless than ever before, with built-in safety systems and even the ability to switch from one part to another in the middle of the night.

Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

Manufacturing Efficiently at a Micron Level

Grinding very small-diameter instruments for use in medical procedures is a niche business for this micro-grinding machine manufacturer. The company makes machines that use a variety of grinding techniques to manufacture guidewires for the medical industry.

Good Reasons to Attend PMTS

Visit the Precision Machining Technology Show to learn how you might benefit from Swiss-type lathes and other advanced manufacturing technologies.

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