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PUBLISHED: 9/21/2017

COFA-C Series Tools Deburr on Even and Uneven Bore Edges

Heule Tool Corporation’s COFA-C Series tools are for deburring elliptical or contoured surfaces in larger diameters and have replaceable solid carbide coated blades for holes from 6-26 mm available from stock. 

PUBLISHED: 9/21/2017

Mega Jet Pressure Blast for Heavy Parts

Ransohoff has introduced its Mega Jet Pressure Blast, an economical manual high-pressure spray washer for large, heavy parts where floor space comes at a premium. 

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2017

CL-1 CNC Chucker Lathe Produces Small, Precision Parts

Haas Automation Inc.’s CL-1 is an ultra-compact CNC chucker lathe that comes standard with an eight-station automatic turret and can produce small, precision parts, such as those found in the communications, aerospace, medical, and d...

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2017

Tumble Brite EP-13 for Mass Finishing

Madison Chemical’s Tumble Brite EP-13 is a mild burnishing compound that can be used for mass finishing operations, is designed to provide excellent lubricity and controlled foam, and reduces excessive media-to-media wear.

PUBLISHED: 9/19/2017

HB 7010-1 Turning Grade Resists Wear at High Cutting Speeds

The Hoffman Group’s Garant HB 7010-1 turning grade has an extremely hard, wear-resistant and thermo-resistant CVD coating made of aluminum oxide Al203 and titanium carbonitride Ti(C,N). 

PUBLISHED: 9/18/2017

DeHoff G560-DR2 Twin-Spindle Machine Gundrills and Reams

Kays Engineering Inc.’s DeHoff G560-DR2 performs both gundrilling and reaming operations on gun barrels with a tooling changeover allowing a pull-reaming operation to be performed using the same machine after the barrels are gun...

PUBLISHED: 9/17/2017

2SP-150H Horizontal CNC Lathe is Compact and Flexible

Okuma’s 2SP-150H horizontal twin spindle lathe removes metal in a small space and is used for small part CNC machining, allowing easy and fast access to the workpiece and tooling. 

PUBLISHED: 9/16/2017

Trochoidal End Mills Minimize Risk of Chip Buildup

Emuge Corp.’s Trochoidal line of solid carbide end mills with unique geometry and chip breakers are designed specifically for trochoidal milling. They provide increased metal removal rates, fewer tool paths and longer tool life, while enabling...

PUBLISHED: 9/15/2017

Esprit CAM System Streamlines Workflows

DP Technology’s Esprit CAM System enables manufacturers to streamline their workflows, prevent silos from forming during the manufacturing process, increase tool life and machine utilization, and create greater access to practical knowledge fo...

PUBLISHED: 9/14/2017

Mega New Baby Chuck 25N is Designed for High-Speed Cutting

Big Kaiser’s Mega New Baby Chuck 25N is available up to a diameter of 1" clamping for drills, reamers and finishing end mills with .00004" runout accuracy, is designed for high-speed cutting and guarantees a 1 micron runout at the co...

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