Posted by: Miles Free 14. October 2014

PMPA Member Attracting Talent to Manufacturing

Manufacturing Day event at Bracalente Manufacturing Group. Real People. Real jobs.

PMPA member Bracalente Manufacturing Group held its first MFG Day event recently. Students got to see first-hand what a career in precision machining could look like. The event helped to change the conversation regarding the need for skilled people in advanced manufacturing companies like Bracalente Group.

Bracalente Group’s Trumbauersville, Pennsylvania, event hosted 120 nineth graders, 20 students from the local vocational/technical school, and 90 students from the new STEM program.

The STEM program is a college preparatory class structure for kids who are interested in engineering and technology.

This video highlights the event.

PMPA member companies across the U.S. and Canada joined Bracalente in helping to change the conversation regarding options for satisfying, well paying technical careers. What are you doing to change the conversation?

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Posted by: Lori Beckman 13. October 2014

Refer to MyShow Planner for Follow Up

Does this look familiar? IMTS 2014.

Now that IMTS 2014 is over, there’s time to ponder what you learned at the show and who you met. You can follow up with the companies whose products you were interested in via MyShow Planner. You can still access your MyShow Planner to review your schedule and remind yourself of who you visited. And now, all of the exhibitors’ lead retrieval data can be located in MyShow Planner, so you can see where your badge was scanned. You can even access company websites, search by product categories or pavilion and watch company videos. 

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Posted by: Chris Koepfer 10. October 2014

A Tool for Finding Tools

Located in the cloud, Novo from Kennametal is designed to simplify the cutting tool selection process and provide cut data for successful machining.  


It’s in the best interest of cutting tool manufacturers that their customers find the right tool for the job at hand. Shops looking for the right tool have a sometimes daunting task of tool selection from what seems like an almost infinite variety of cutters.

Kennametal believes that its Novo all-digital tooling and process planning resource may well be the solution to this problem for both the vendor and buyer of cutting tools. The company says Novo is much more than just an electronic tooling catalog. It’s an online resource that supplies optimal feed and speed recommendations, best-fit knowledge, solid models of complete tooling assemblies, spare parts lists and more. Because the system is online and continuously updated and refreshed with real time data, users have assurance that tools are available and will reliably fit their machines and processes.

Click here to find out more about Novo and Kennametal.


Posted by: Chris Felix 8. October 2014

October 2014 PM Digital Issue Now Available

Check out PM's October Digital Edition.

The digital October issue of Production Machining is now available, with emphasis topics of Vertical Turning and Bar Feeders/Material Handling. Our cover story reviews part processing and CNC programming considerations for vertical multitasking applications. For our other feature, we go into a shop that uses effective strategies for matching various brands of equipment in a laboratory environment to deliver high precision parts for the aerospace, medical, optical, and micromachining industries.

In our Tech Brief section, we look at a new process-performance platform designed to span the entire part production landscape, from programming and setup to actual metal removal operations to automation to monitoring/data collection and transfer. We also review a line of grinding machines that feature an A axis, designed as a step toward complete machining in a single clamping, even in particularly challenging grinding applications.

Finally, we offer a case study of a precision medical shop that has taken advantage of its CAM software to create perfect tool paths for 5-axis machining.

Be sure to check out our digital October issue today.

Posted by: Miles Free 7. October 2014

Don’t Burn the Tool

A bit of circa 1965 “Knowledge Retention” from the archives of Lester Detterbeck Enterprises Ltd.

If a tool gets too hot to hold while grinding, you have already ruined it. You knew that, right? By the time the heat gets to your hands and is too hot to hold, you have already lost the temper on the edge being ground. If you then put it in water to cool it down, depending on the material grade, the water quench is likely to help form untempered martensite, a brittle microstructure.

The tool will lose properties and fail in very short order, often with catastrophic consequences. The point of grinding is to take small amounts of removal by abrasion, not to create lots of heat by hogging the material off.

Heat treated tools are actually very sophisticated system involving the interaction of material chemistry, microstructure, mechanical properties (including hardness) and design.

Out of control grinding practices can destroy this system with a single temperature excursion above the tool’s last tempering temperature and formation of untempered martensite by water quenching.

Thanks to John Detterbeck at Lester Detterbeck Enterprises Ltd. for sharing the above cartoon and confirming the failure mode.


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