Posted by: Lori Beckman 25. August 2014

Survey: How to Better Accommodate PMTS Attendees' Needs


In an effort to ensure that PMTS 2015 is a pleasant experience and meets or exceeds the expectations of attendees, Garder Business Media has created a survey for anyone who might attend PMTS. Please take a few moments to answer 12 questions here to help us learn more about your needs at the show. We appreciate your time! 

Posted by: Chris Koepfer 22. August 2014

VIDEO: A Field Trip to the Future

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Students are important to our industry and most welcome to attend North America’s largest manufacturing show. However, for those students who cannot attend in person, which is by far the better choice, there is an alternative way to at least get a feel for this year’s edition. Developed by educators and manufacturing industry experts, “Technology Applied” is a virtual field trip that connects academic courses to development of important products.

The interactive web broadcast, from the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), September 8-13 in Chicago, will show students why math and science matters, and how the courses they take today can be applied in productive and rewarding future careers.

This 30 minute virtual field trip runs in three different episodes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during IMTS week, offering diverse aspects of the trade show experience to teachers and their classrooms. Students will get to explore some of the most groundbreaking and fascinating areas of the today’s – and tomorrow’s – applied technology. Topics include 3D additive printing for aerospace manufacturing, helicopter engineering and race car technology.

According to JoAnn Mitchell, senior project leader of Sandvik Coromant, “Students can experience how manufacturing plays a key role in their everyday lives and see the possibilities it can offer. People can have a career in manufacturing that literally makes a difference in how we live.”

The broadcast is appropriate for students in grades 5-12, college and tech school. Teachers can register free of charge for the virtual field trip here.

The field trip is organized by Sandvik Coromant and supported by the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Haas, Fanuc, DMG Mori Seiki, Okuma, Hurco, Doosan, Mastercam, Koma Precision and Gardner Business Media.

Posted by: Chris Felix 20. August 2014

Get the Word Out


The Last Word column in our August issue covers some substantial and important ways in which information is relayed back and forth between buyer and seller. In “Knowledge is meant to be Shared.” Muff Tanriverdi, president, region Americas for Walter USA, discusses the impact that advances in technology have had on the expectations of customers for the ease of researching products and solutions and evaluating options, all the way through the buying process.

Mr. Tanriverdi explains that the way suppliers engage with customers has changed substantially to meet these demands. “Providing online tools and resources that are easily accessible, available 24/7, intuitive to navigate and incorporate supplier competence is vital in today’s business environment,” he says.

He goes on to explain what Walter is doing to meet these challenges, from the development of advanced web tools, to a variety of apps and software tools such as machining calculators, an e-Library and tool guides, to the use of social media.

Posted by: Miles Free 19. August 2014

Factoryless Goods Producer Classification Proposal Withdrawn

Withdrawing proposal for a Factoryless Goods Producer Classification in NAICS 2017.

In a resounding victory for actual manufacturers—the people that make things—the Office of Management and Business reported on August 8 that the proposal to create a “Factoryless Goods Producer” classification for the NAICS 2017 has been withdrawn.

PMPA has been on the forefront of challenging the classification, which would have created a class of phantom manufactures that did not actually manufacture goods, but rather purchased finished goods for resale, and possibly from foreign sources. 

On May 22, the administration announced the U.S. Census Bureau was considering a proposal to count a business as a manufacturer, even if they outsource all of the transformation steps traditionally considered production activities, or manufacturing. The proposal would have counted some activities outsourced overseas as U.S. manufacturing and included financiers and others as manufacturers even though they never visit a shop floor.

Among PMPA’s objections to the scheme were the following:

  • NAICS is based on the primary activity of an establishment 
  • NAICS is for classifying domestic activities only
  • If manufacturing processes are not actually required for a “manufacturing” classification, the statistics produced by such a distorted definition are virtually useless

“This is an important victory for U.S. businesses, and we applaud the administration for recognizing the flawed thinking behind this proposal,” says Mike Kobylka, executive director of PMPA. “This proposal would have created a class of phantom manufacturers. The NAICS classification system has never and should never take into account foreign sourced production processes.”


Originally posted on blog. 


Posted by: Lori Beckman 18. August 2014

Heller Technology Days Open House Showcases New Equipment


Heller Machine Tools in Troy, Michigan, will open its doors October 8 - 9, from 2 to 7 p.m. each day, to showcase its new machining centers and flexible systems for heavy duty, flexible production, and new crank milling and turning machines. Twenty-five supplier and complementary technology firms will also participate with displays including tooling and automation.

At its bi-annual Technology Days exposition, the company will demonstrate on its assembly floor:

  • The new cylinder bore coating (CBC) process, which imparts a high-durability coating to aluminum parent metal, such as aluminum engine blocks
  • An automotive flexible machining system, MC 20
  • Flexible heavy duty machining solutions for large components, including large diesel engine blocks and heads
  • Gas and oil industry machining capabilities with high torque HMCs
  • Blue energy efficiency machining advancements

Contact Heller Troy at or by calling 248-556-8431 for Technology Days reservations.



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