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Posted by: Miles Free 18. October 2016

NAM Documents the Impact of Federal Regulations

A new study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reveals the true cost of this administration’s labor regulations. Some of the findings include:

Management time spent on regulatory compliance that is overly cumbersome and redundant is time that management is not adding value to help companies become more competitive, sustainable and add higher value. Keep in mind, this is only the Department of Labor costs.

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While attending IMTS in September, I stopped by the Monaghan Tooling Group booth. Of all the tooling on display, what really caught my eye was the line of Swiss ID burnishing tools by Elliott Tool Technologies, described as being ideal for accurate sizing, low micro-finishing, and surface hardening of ID holes down to 4 mm. In the new 5918 series, what was particularly striking was finding the tool body mounted completely inside the tool block so that the adjustment knob protrudes from the rear of the tool shank. This allows for adjustments for diameter to be made without removing the tool from the block.

As Swiss experts are well aware, burnishing improves surface irregularities and reduces tool marks, producing optimum surface finishes of 4-8 Ra in a single pass. This can eliminate secondary processes such as grinding, honing and polishing by automating those processes in the primary CNC machine. This slashes setup and processing times, as well as labor costs, while enhancing machinery usage and shopfloor productivity.

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For the sixth year, our sister publication Modern Machine Shop has compiled its Top Shops benchmarking survey. The benchmarking group represents the top 20 percent of shops as determined by totaling the points assigned to certain business and technology-related questions.

This survey has grown in popularity and is considered by many manufacturers as an excellent way to compare how they rate against some of the best shops in the country. Moreover, the benchmarking survey is a good way to test results from implementation of improvements. Is it working or not working?

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Production Machining’s October Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of Bar Feeders/Material Handling and Vertical Turning. This month’s cover story takes a look at the bar feeder selection process and what needs to be considered to choose one that best suits a shop’s needs. For our other feature we examine one OEM’s approach to vertical turning, taking advantage of the efficiency of using the main spindle to load and unload the machining.

This month’s Tech Brief looks at new features on a retrofittable coolant-through system that allow through coolant capabilities on Swiss machines. Our Case in Point goes into a shop that implemented a high speed vision-based measuring machine to ensure that its couplers, tube nuts and internal female nuts contain zero defects.

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At IMTS 2016, Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. introduced the EWD EVO, a digital boring head designed with ease of use as a priority. It has been designed to synch with the company’s new smartphone and tablet app, which was developed to enhance user friendliness while assembling and running Big Kaiser boring tools. Not only will users be able to read the cutting diameter change, but the app will also help operators determine optimal cutting parameters from their tool assemblies. The app will also log historical adjustments for all tools ever synched with it, the company says.

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