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Recently, a builder of industrial automation machines was looking for ways to organize and keep track of tools used during its machine assembly process. The manufacturer turned to Creform, Corp. to help them come up with a solution.

Working collaboratively, the manufacturer and Creform came up with a custom design tool cart that fit the needs of correct tool placement and tool accountability. Having the assembly tools organized, visible and at the assembler’s fingertips has saved time by eliminating numerous trips to the tool room.

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Posted by: Chris Felix 4. January 2017

Top Posts from 2016

It’s that time again—time for me to present to you Production Machining’s top 10 blog posts from the last 12 months. This annual post usually draws a lot of attention of its own while it offers readers easy access for catching up on a few important items they may have missed the first time around. Here they are, the most popular PM blog posts from 2016.

7. New Super-Efficient Assembly Line Improves Productivity, Flexibility

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Posted by: Russ Willcutt 2. January 2017

The Microbial Menace

According to Castrol, metalcutting fluids have always been vulnerable to microbial contamination. A poorly managed fluid with high levels of bacterial and fungal infection loses its effectiveness, and the contamination creates an acidic environment that causes emulsions to separate and lose their lubricating properties, potentially resulting in corrosion.

That’s why Castrol researchers have been focusing on the problems generated by traditional bacterial and fungal contamination controls, resulting in the development of metalcutting fluids that help stop microbial degradation: Hysol SL 35 XBB and Alusol SL 51 XBB. These products have been formulated with a long-lasting buffer that is more resistant to changes in acidity and inherently more resistant to bacterial growth. Learn more about these new formulations by reading this article in Production Machining. Also read about Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) in another PM article

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Finnish-based factory automation systems manufacturer, Fastems, has chosen German robotics manufacturer, Kuka Robotics Corp., as a premium supplier of robotic systems. The companies will supply automation systems for the aviation, construction and aerospace industries as well as metalworking companies and their suppliers.

The main pillars for this relationship are project transparency, mutual responsibility, automation expertise and Kuka’s strong robotics portfolio. As a premium supplier, Kuka will be included in the early stages of project development that Fastems is bidding on.

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Posted by: Chris Felix 28. December 2016

Robotic Efficiency

Shop owners have varying reasons for pursuing automation on their shop floors. Sometimes they’re after better machine usage and higher production capacity. Others may be compensating for a shortage of labor. Still others may have a need for flexibility in adjusting to changing production requirements. One North Carolina shop incorporated robotic automation as a progressive move to remain competitive and improve workflow.

Read “Reducing Production Times with Robotic Automation” to learn how Northeast Tool improved production by almost 90 percent. The company condensed the functions of three CNC lathes, two milling operations, polishing, washing and inspections after each operation into a single cell consisting of one robot and two lathes. Instead of requiring time from 15 people, the new setup is now manned by a single operator.

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