Posted by: Russ Willcutt 16. May 2016

Doosan Technical Center Offers Collaborative Environment

Those attending the grand opening of Doosan’s new Technical Center included customers, members of the trade press, the company’s U.S. distributor and industry partners.

Officials at Doosan Machine Tools cut the ribbon marking the opening of its new Technology Center in Pine Brook, New Jersey, on May 4. The event was attended by the company’s customers, members of the trade press, and representatives of Doosan’s official North and South American distributors, including Ellison Technologies, Doosan's newest U.S. distributor. Technical presentations by the company and its partners—Samchully, Royal Products, Renishaw, MD Tooling, among others—were made that afternoon and the following day.

The Technical Center  offers a collaborative environment in which customers and other industry partners can see more than a dozen machines in action and work with Doosan technicians and engineers on special projects. Among the machine tools on display were:

  • DNM 400 II 5AX—five-axis vertical machining center
  • HP 5100 II + LPS—horizontal machining center with linear pallet system
  • Puma MX1600 ST-735—multitasking turning center
  • Puma TT1800SY—multitasking mill-turn center

According to Young Kyun Choi, CEO, the opening of the Technical Center signals Doosan’s renewed commitment to deepening its relationship with customers and to continue working with industry partners to develop new machining processes that will exceed end-user expectations. 

Andy McNamara, director of sales and marketing, Young Kyun Choi, CEO, and Jung Kil (James) Kim, director of strategy and planning. 

Doosan experts were on hand at each machine to answer customer’s questions about machine tools such as the Puma MX 1600 ST-735 multitasking turning center.

Posted by: Chris Koepfer 13. May 2016

A Smart Path to Reshoring


To keep pace with its growing business, Hybrid Racing (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) needed a smarter way to manage its supply chain. After failing to find reliable domestic suppliers, the company outsourced its production to China.

The pitfalls of such a move are well known, especially with a growing and rapidly changing manufacturing business. William Davidson, founder and CEO, describes them as communication, cash flow and lead times.

In 2015, with business booming, Hybrid was reluctantly planning to send more work to China when the company stumbled across MakeTime. This relatively new company, based in Lexington, Kentucky, features an on-demand virtual machining platform designed to help companies such as Hybrid better control their supply chain by enabling the use of domestically sourced manufacturing.

In a nutshell, MakeTime offers buyers instant access to a network of thousands of prequalified suppliers with production hours available on their CNC machines. This allows companies like Hybrid to overcome production shortages, eliminate risk in the supply chain and rest easy with guaranteed lead time and quality. 

Posted by: Chris Felix 11. May 2016

May 2016 PM Digital Issue Now Available

The digital issue of May PM is now available.

The May digital issue of Production Machining is now available, with emphasis topics of Multitasking and Metalworking Fluids. For our cover story, we go into a shop that is using simultaneous 5-axis turn-mills for improved part quality and faster production on fire suppression and water delivery equipment components. Our second feature looks at suitable applications for getting the most from minimum quantity lubrication.

In our Tech Brief section we detail the proper way to accurately calculate surface footage and RPM for optimum tool life. We also take a look at CNC control software that is designed with features to better fit the tendencies of younger operators. In our Case in Point, we visit a shop that is using its CAM system to systematically transition a range of new and legacy parts to newer manufacturing systems.

Our May issue also features this year’s second installment of the Parts Cleaning section, which offers a refresher course on ultrasonic cleaning as well as a visit to an automotive supplier that is capitalizing on energy efficient cleaning.

Be sure to check out our digital May issue today.

Posted by: Steve Kline, Jr. 10. May 2016

Gardner Business Index for Precision Machining: April 2016 - 43.5


With a reading of 43.5, the Gardner Business Index showed that the precision machining industry contracted for the 13th month in a row. While the index had improved significantly since November, in April the index showed that the industry contracted at virtually its fastest rate this year.

New orders contracted after increasing in March. The index fell back to its level in February. Production contracted for the 11th month in a row, contracting at its fastest rate in 2016. The backlog index contracted for the 20th consecutive month, contracting at a somewhat faster rate than the previous two months. Employment contracted at its second fastest rate since the index began in December 2011. Exports contracted at their fastest rate since the survey began. Supplier deliveries lengthened for the second month in a row, lengthening at their fastest rate since March last year. 

Material prices increased for the second straight month. However, the increase was minimal and well below the rate of increase in material prices from 2013 through the first half of 2015. Prices received at machine shops decreased at an accelerating rate for the second consecutive month. The rate of decrease was virtually the fastest in the history of the survey. Future business expectations dropped since March, but remained significantly above the level seen for most of 2015.

Facilities with more than 250 employees contracted for the second time in three months. In April, they contracted at the fastest rate of all plant sizes. Plants with 100-249 employees contracted for the third month in a row, but the rate of contraction has decelerated each month. Companies with 50-99 employees expanded for the second straight month. Companies with 20-49 employees contracted once again after a single month of growth in March. Shops with fewer than 20 employees continued to contract, with the rate of contraction the fastest since December. 

For the fourth month in a row, the Southeast region was the strongest region. It was the only region to grow in three of those four months. And, in April, its index was 59.3, which was the region’s fastest rate of growth since the survey began. From the slowest to fastest contraction, the other regions were the Northeast, North Central-West, North Central-East, West, and South Central. Both the West and South Central had an index below 40.

Future capital spending plans reached their highest level since November last year. Compared with one year ago, they increased 2.8 percent, which was the first month they increased since November 2014. The one-month rate of change has improved significantly in recent months, indicating that the industry could be on the verge of the next upturn in capital spending.  

Posted by: Russ Willcutt 9. May 2016

Video: Parts Accumulator Allows for Unattended Machining

The more simple tasks a shop can automate, the better, especially when it comes to accumulating parts machined from barstock. The Rota-Rack from Royal Products is a valuable asset to any Swiss-type machine shop, allowing machine tools to run unattended for extended periods of time. The Rota-Rack is reliable, easy to set up, and is especially useful for lights-out machining, quickly delivering a return on a shop’s investment.

According to the OEM, features include a rotary spiral that directs parts to the center of the turntable and a low-friction UHMW material covering all contact surfaces for superior part protection. The Rota-Rack is especially good at protecting straight edges of milled parts—a difficult task with some other collection methods—and it can be used to keep parts in order for quality control purposes.

In addition, no machine interface is required. The unit plugs into a 110-V outlet, and the operator sets the index functions with a simple touchscreen PLC. The degree of rotation is easily adjusted, enabling the Rota-Rack to handle short and long parts. Its 36" diameter turntable provides more than 850 square inches of surface area, and its heavy-gage steel construction enables the accumulator to handle as much as 700 pounds of parts. Its universal design adapts to virtually all CNC lathes, and a conveyor with a coolant tray is available. Watch this video for a demonstration, and read this article from PM’s archives to learn more.


A rotary spiral directs parts to the center of the turntable, and a low-friction UHMW material covers all contact surfaces, protecting the straight edges of the milled parts.

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