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Posted by: Lori Beckman 18. August 2014

Heller Technology Days Open House Showcases New Equipment


Heller Machine Tools in Troy, Michigan, will open its doors October 8 - 9, from 2 to 7 p.m. each day, to showcase its new machining centers and flexible systems for heavy duty, flexible production, and new crank milling and turning machines. Twenty-five supplier and complementary technology firms will also participate with displays including tooling and automation.

At its bi-annual Technology Days exposition, the company will demonstrate on its assembly floor:

  • The new cylinder bore coating (CBC) process, which imparts a high-durability coating to aluminum parent metal, such as aluminum engine blocks
  • An automotive flexible machining system, MC 20
  • Flexible heavy duty machining solutions for large components, including large diesel engine blocks and heads
  • Gas and oil industry machining capabilities with high torque HMCs
  • Blue energy efficiency machining advancements

Contact Heller Troy at or by calling 248-556-8431 for Technology Days reservations.



Posted by: Lori Beckman 4. August 2014

Automation for Your Machine Shop


A free white paper from Gosiger Automation discusses the reasons that metalworking manufacturers from small CNC shops to large-scale operations benefit from automating many machining functions.

In the paper, Gosiger Automation specialists address the importance of understanding every step in the manufacturing process, having the right machine tools and peripherals, and the role robots may play in automating such tasks as workpiece loading and unloading, material handling and inspection.

A companion white paper provides further information about robotic-based automation, including a cost justification example. Both white papers may be downloaded here.

Posted by: Lori Beckman 28. July 2014

NIMS at White House Summit on American Apprenticeships

James Wall and Greg Chambers at the White House.

On July 14, Greg Chambers, chairman of the NIMS board of directors and compliance director for Oberg Industries (Freeport, Pennsylvania), and NIMS Executive Director James Wall attended the White House Summit on American Apprenticeships to provide their informed standpoints on today's apprenticeship system and its future.

Summit topics included a forum on innovation in apprenticeship, followed by discussions on expansion into up-and-coming occupations and industries, promotion of innovation in apprenticeship, and designing for diversity. The summit discussed the conceptualization of building a supportive local base for apprenticeships to cultivate action at the state and regional levels and the capacity-building necessary to establish an "ecosystem for apprenticeship."

An announcement containing specifications of an upcoming $100 million federal investment in American apprenticeship is expected in mid-October this year. 

Contact NIMS to learn more about its apprenticeship opportunities

Posted by: Lori Beckman 21. July 2014

Florida Covets Mastercam Certification


Last month, more than 400 students were certified in Mastercam CAD/CAM software in the Broward and Dade Counties in Florida. In that state, Mastercam is on the recognized list for funding, therefore, schools can be reimbursed for each student who earns an industrial certification.

"This is a big deal because of the amount of students that are becoming certified," says Dustin Spieth in the Mastercam's corporate educational office, who travels to Florida each year to administer the certification program.

While in Florida, Dustin conducts a class to teach new instructors the certification program and also shows experienced instructors any new changes to the certification program.

Mastercam certification is a rigorous set of knowledge-based and practical tests that demonstrates a programmer's ability to work effectively with CAM software, overcome common issues facing today’s shops, and produce high quality finished parts. There are two certification levels: Associate Level and Professional Level. Associate Level is comprehensive testing based on the latest technologies, while Professional Level includes the comprehensive testing combined with a practical application component.

Posted by: Lori Beckman 14. July 2014

White Paper Describes Preventing Chatter on CNC Lathes

Okuma's VSST allows users to cut threads without chatter.

Eliminating harmonics, which can produce tool chatter or poor surface finish, is critical for maximizing CNC lathe productivity. Harmonic Spindle Speed Control (HSSC) and Variable Spindle Speed Threading (VSST) are functions built into Okuma’s Thinc-OSP CNC control that are harmonics problem solvers. HSSC and VSST are particularly useful when machining parts with high L/D ratios, thin-walled parts or thin-walled parts with threads.

Avoiding scrap caused by harmonic-induced vibration can be a challenge using conventional solutions. HSSC and VSST functions on an Okuma CNC lathe make it easier to achieve consistent surface finishes on parts, the company says.

Okuma’s HSSC and VSST is described in the company’s white paper

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