A Tool for Finding Tools

Novo is an online resource that supplies optimal feed and speed recommendations and more.


Located in the cloud, Novo from Kennametal is designed to simplify the cutting tool selection process and provide cut data for successful machining.  


It’s in the best interest of cutting tool manufacturers that their customers find the right tool for the job at hand. Shops looking for the right tool have a sometimes daunting task of tool selection from what seems like an almost infinite variety of cutters.

Kennametal believes that its Novo all-digital tooling and process planning resource may well be the solution to this problem for both the vendor and buyer of cutting tools. The company says Novo is much more than just an electronic tooling catalog. It’s an online resource that supplies optimal feed and speed recommendations, best-fit knowledge, solid models of complete tooling assemblies, spare parts lists and more. Because the system is online and continuously updated and refreshed with real time data, users have assurance that tools are available and will reliably fit their machines and processes.

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