Video: Forget Munich, Come to St. Louis for Oktoberfest

Visitors at this year’s edition of Hydromat’s Oktoberfest will witness the debut of the Eclipse rotary transfer technology with new components mounted on the 12-station machine at the company’s headquarters.

video of robot inside of machine tool
See this turnkey system for gun barrel production and other live demonstrations during Hydrmat’s Oktoberfest Open House, Oct. 23-27.

St. Louis is known as the gateway to the west, but from Oct. 23-27, it becomes the gateway to rotary transfer machining. On those dates, St. Louis-based Hydromat Inc. hosts its annual Oktoberfest open house, and they have quite a technology fest planned for attendees.

Visitors at this year’s edition will see the next generation of rotary transfer machine technology debut at the company’s headquarters. The new Eclipse is a ground up redesign of the company’s iconic rotary transfer machine with all new components mounted on the 12-station machine’s beefed-up frame.

If you know Hydromats, this new Eclipse machine is going to be a show-stopper for you, according to the company. In addition, Icon and Witzig & Frank transfer machines are on the floor for inspection by attendees.

Hydromat is and has long been involved in turnkey production systems and during Oktoberfest one of those systems will be on the floor. Built around a Hydromat 16-station machine, the system performs Op. 20 broach and coining operations for an AR rifle extension part, then returns to the Hydromat for finishing, using robotic load and unloading. It is well worth a look.

Also on site are the company’s new rebuild venture, Hydromat-RE and other vendors. It’s really a mini trade show complete with free food and beer. Click here for a video that may whet your appetite to visit.