Posted by: 31. January 2014

Grinding it Out at Sochi and Beyond

USA Luge is proud to announce that Norton Abrasives will be a primary sponsor through the 2018 Olympics. 


Continuing its relationship with the USA Luge team, Norton Abrasives’ sponsorship has been extended through the 2018 Olympics. The company has been a primary sponsor since the 2009 Olympics, though the relationship goes back much further when the company donated sandpaper for the athletes shape and polish runner. It’s a more sophisticated sport today.


The company is now involved with USA Luge’s technical development, working to create higher performance, U.S.-made steel and crafting it for maximum performance. It’s a critical development project to keep this team world-class competitive.


During the Olympics, look for the Norton logo prominently displayed on the USA Luge team. Click here to read more. 


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