Maximum Material Handling

Innovative automation designs by Lang Technovation increase productivity and enable processes such as lights-out machining.


The Eco-Compact 20 is a compact automation system that mates with virtually any machine tool in a variety of configurations to fit available space. 

A variety of fixtures, including vises, chucks and tombstones, will be loaded and unloaded by the Eco-Compact 20 in a live demo of this flexible and compact automation system at Lang Technovation’s IMTS Booth E-4128. The machine can be attached to almost any type of machine tool with a single cable, configured in a number of different ways to fit the available space and enables processes such as lights-out machining.

In addition, a Grip-Fix stamping unit is pre-stamping steel and aluminum workpieces. This technology stamps workpieces outside of the machine tool with as many as 20 tons of hydraulic pressure. They are then clamped into the Makro-Grip five-axis vise, which is designed to provide maximum holding power with no material deformation.

Other products on display include the Quick-Point modular zero-point clamping system, which reduces setup times and provides repeatability of 5 microns and clamping forces of 6.000 kg. The Clean-Tec chip fan will also be on display, which is stored like a common tool and automatically selected by the CNC program to clean pallets and workpieces prior to unloading. Learn more about Lang’s technology in this article I wrote for Modern Machine Shop


The Quick-Point modular zero-point clamping system reduces setup times and provides repeatability of 5 microns.