Medical Machining Challenges and Solutions

This medical shop has run into several challenges, but has discovered how to work around them.

Complexus delivers devices completely machined, laser-welded, laser-marked and assembled to its customers, keeping some secondary processes in-house while outsourcing others to trusted local vendors. 

Every shop has its challenges, and every shop must find ways to overcome these obstacles. One manufacturer in Mishawka, Indiana, that machines medical components has been affected by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) that includes a new tax on medical devices. Therefore, medical device OEMs are looking for suppliers that offer competitive cost advantages for the parts and assemblies they provide.

This is one of many challenges for these manufacturers, however. The changes have impacted not only the equipment Complexus Medical has purchased through the years, but also the shopfloor practices and business strategies it has adopted to become more competitive. To read about several of the specific challenges this company has experienced as well as the actions the shop has taken to address them, read “Making it in Medical."