More Thoughts on the Skilled Worker Shortage

Thoughts on Why We Face the Skilled Worker Shortage


Have we done enough to pursue our own interest, so that society, too, can benefit?​


Dave Bradford, president, William Bradford Associates, publishes a series of Protalk roundtable discussions to improve professional sales skills of industrial distributors, including steel service centers.

We hit a nerve with Mr. Bradford with our post on “Why Isn’t the Invisible Hand Training Enough Skilled Workers?” As a business student at the University of Chicago, he heard first-hand from Nobel prize winners George Stigler and Milton Friedman on the subject.

“Friedman suggested that the phrase ‘the invisible hand’ refers to‘the possibility of cooperation without coercion’,” Mr. Bradford says.

Read the complete article here, that gives Dave Bradford’s take on why ‘the invisible hand’ hasn’t provided us the skilled workers we need. 

Originally posted on PMPA Speaking of Precision blog.