There's a Multi-Spindle Island Available

This visit to ZPS America produced an upcoming feature article on the company's new multi-spindle CNC lathe.


My visit with Olaf Tessarzyk was fruitful, as I learned technical details of the company’s new Penta CNC five-spindle to share with PM’s readers. 

On a recent trek through the Midwest, I made a stop in Indianapolis to visit with industry veteran Olaf Tessarzyk who is president and managing partner at ZPS America. The object of my visit was to learn about a new machine the company introduced at IMTS.

In fact, I plan to do a feature article on it in PM’s March issue, so keep an eye out for that. The new machine is called Penta and is a five-station multi-spindle CNC lathe available in two models—one that offers synchronous spindles and a second featuring independent, programmable spindles.

It’s being marketed as an “island” concept, which is a package that includes the machine, bar loader, oil treatment system, chiller and chip conveyor. ZPS’ parent company, Tajmac, purchased the Italian bar loader company, Pietro Cucchi, a while back, and the new Penta uses a Cucchi loader especially designed for the new five spindle.

I’m looking forward to presenting this machine to you soon. There is some interesting new technology associated with this machine that is designed to fit a range of applications. Read the machine profile I wrote about the company’s CNC six-spindle here