PM Buyer's Guide

In January, Production Machining features the return of our Buyer’s Guide. In print or online, this valuable resource provides supplier information for more than 225 product categories.



In this space about this time each month I typically provide a link to the current issue of Production Machining’s online Digital Edition, along with brief summaries of the articles within. Our January issue, however, stands apart from the others, so it deserves different coverage.

In January, PM features the return of our Buyer’s Guide. While we do still have a Digital Edition version of this issue, most of the information provided will likely be more easily accessible and helpful via either the print edition or our website’s Supplier Directory. Here’s why I believe this:

In print, the magazine can remain on the reader’s desk or within short reach to allow quick reference for contact information for suppliers in more than 40 main product categories and 225 subcategories. Our online Supplier Directory goes a step further, covering additional categories and giving access to supplier showrooms that include direct links to articles and product descriptions.

Smart purchasing decisions begin with thorough research. Not only knowing what equipment is best suited for your application, but knowing where to shop for that equipment can make the difference between a pleasurable buying experience and a disaster. Regardless of what method works best for you, I suggest keeping our list of suppliers in mind when it’s time to consider equipment purchases.