Posted by: 2. May 2014

Reacting to Demand


Regulations have a way of trickling through the market. In this case, the regulation regarding lead-free replacement materials is having an effect on companies in the precision machined parts industry that manufacture parts for the plumbing industry.

“Customer demand is strong for lead-free material and compliance with the 3874 Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, effective January 2014,”explained Martin Little, Concast Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “For that reason, we are continuing to broaden our size offering and increase our standard-stocked inventory.”

Concast produces several standard lead-free replacement alloys that range from aluminum bronzes to high tin bronzes. These alloys are recognized by the Copper Development Association and are manufactured to ASTM specifications. Click here for an article that tells more about the clean water regulations.  

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