Shop Safety with Fire Suppression

Mom always said, “Better safe than sorry.” Fire prevention measures can be the difference between business as usual and catastrophe on the shop floor.



While safety is a key component to the design of any CNC machine, many metalcutting operations still pose considerable risk of fire. The preventive measures a shop puts in place to alleviate this risk can be the difference between business as usual and catastrophe.

Fire suppression systems specifically designed to protect machines are available. The majority of these suppression systems activate automatically, without any human intervention, when a fire is detected. Read “Choosing the Right Fire Suppression System for Your Machines” for an overview of what to look for when protecting your equipment.

A Youthful Approach to Production Machining” is an article about a fast-growing Chicago-area shop that incorporates a creative, entrepreneurial approach to most areas of the business. As addressed in the sidebar of this article, fire suppression equipment has played an important role on the company’s shop floor.