Posted by: 28. March 2014

The Circle of Carbide

As part of its North American Recycling Program, Seco provides manufacturers with appropriate sized containers and collects them when full​.

The program started in Europe and is now being implemented in North America. We’re talking about Seco’s carbide recycling program. As much as 95 percent of materials in typical carbide inserts can be recovered and reused to make more for long-term sustainability of these critical metalworking tools.

Some of the key elements in the manufacture of carbide inserts, such as tungsten, are experiencing global demand pressures. This program is designed to ease some of those pressures. According to Seco, last year the company collected and processed 125,919 pounds of used carbide inserts in the North American recycling program.

Click here to find out more about the program. Seco will provide containers and pickup to manufacturers that sign up for the program. 

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