Video: Tool Balance is Critical for High-Speed Machining

High-speed machining requires balanced tools in order to reach maximum speeds. This balancing machine is simple to set up and highly flexible, according to your machine shop’s configuration.

In the area of high-speed machining, achievable cutting speeds are consistently increasing because of new developments in cutting materials and spindles. However, unbalanced spindles, and especially cutting tools, set limits on the speeds that can be achieved. Spindle and tool longevity are also affected. And while the unbalance of spindles and other drive components can be addressed during manufacturing, tools must be balanced more frequently; usually prior to initial use in a machine tool.

Designed with these challenges in mind, Schenck’s new Tooldyne balancing machine is a compact machine with the measuring unit clearly visible, which allows the operator direct input of all data via a touchscreen. The operating concept displays using symbols, and there is a comprehensive range of operating aids available as well.

The Tooldyne is CE certified and fulfills the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which has been valid since the beginning of 2010. The protective cap meets the standards set by the ISO 7475 Class C - Protection against ejected parts.

The balancing machine makes use of mineral casting for the machine housing, which dampens vibrations up to 10 times more effectively than grey cast iron, the company says. Mineral casting also permits a crane hook machine design.

Watch the video demonstration to learn more. 


The measuring unit on the Tooldyne balancing machine is clear and allows the operator direct input of all data via a touchscreen.