Top Posts from 2014

Here’s a list of Production Machining’s ten most popular blog posts of 2014. Begun as an exercise for us to determine the most suitable content, this research proved to be useful to our readers as well.



Last January I thought it would be interesting to review online traffic statistics for Production Machining’s previous 12 months (2013) of blog posts to determine what the most popular posts were. This was a useful exercise to help us in future decisions regarding what topics would best serve our readers. Listing the top 10 posts also gave readers quick access to another opportunity to read these useful posts. Funny thing, 2013’s Top 10 post ended up being the 7th most popular post for 2014. Here is the entire list for 2014:

10. VIDEO: CNC Machining Gets Reality TV Show

9. Putting your Shop on a Diet: How to Become Lean

8. Too Many American Men are on Disability

7. Top Posts from 2013

6. Another Look at Skiving

5. VIDEO: Lean Factory Tour on a Razor Scooter

4. OSHA Top 10 Violations from 2013

3. Fadal is Back

2. VIDEO: Polygon Turning

1. Fire Blazes Path to Shop Safety