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The December issue of Production Machining features emphasis topics of CNC Swiss-Type and Shop Management Software. Check out the Digital Issue here!


The Digital Edition for December is now available.

Production Machining’s December Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of CNC Swiss-Type and Shop Management Software. This month’s cover story takes a look at recent R&D efforts that have led to higher efficiencies, increased agility and expanded capabilities for shops performing Swiss-type turning. For our other feature we visit Joe Gibbs Racing, which is using ERP software to more efficiently manage the constant change and demands for high performance at the track.

Turn to our Tech Brief section to learn about new soluble metal cutting fluids that set new standards for controlling microbial contamination as well as offering productivity and efficiency gains. Our Case in Point goes into an aerospace job shop that is using solid ceramic end mills to meet critical delivery dates.

Our February issue also features this year’s last Parts Cleaning section. Featured in this section is an in-depth look at ways vacuum cycling nucleation can offer enhanced surface treatment performance in both aqueous and solvent applications. We also visit a shop that is using an ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum drying system to reduce the time involved in meeting its customer’s recent changes to cleanliness requirements.

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