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The February issue of Production Machining features emphasis topics of EDM and Medical. Check out the Digital Issue here!


PM's February 2017 Digital Edition is now available.

Production Machining’s February Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of EDM and Medical. This month’s cover story takes a look at a shop that is using EDM internally with the hopes of taking the in-house skills commercial. Increasingly, traditional screw machine shops are investing in technologies that allow them to do more in different kinds of work.

For our other feature we visit a shop that has leveraged its expertise in aerospace to enter the medical machining market. The article explores the challenges they faced entering a new market (new materials and processes, how they identified the right tooling), how they overcame them, and their plans for growth based on the success of their efforts in medical so far.

Turn to our Tech Brief section to learn about a system to eliminate tool pullout for shrink fit holders in heavy machining operations. We also look at how a precision high pressure coolant system can provide higher cutting speeds and better tool life.

Our Case in Point goes into a shop that has implemented an automated cell that includes an automatic magazine bar feeder and a twin-spindle, twin-turret turning center to cut production time by more than half.

Our February issue also features this year’s first Parts Cleaning section. Featured in this section is an in-depth look at the upcoming Parts Cleaning Expo and conference, including an overview of each speaker’s presentation.

Take a look inside PM’s February Digital Edition today.