We Have a Winner!

A Romi CNC lathe was awarded to Marshall Manufacturing during an IMTS giveaway.


Mike Burchill, president of Marshall Manufacturing, won a new Romi CNC lathe. 


Well, the golden ticket goes to Mike Burchill, president of Marshall Manufacturing, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With this ticket, Mr. Burchill will take delivery of the grand prize in Romi Machine Tool’s IMTS giveaway.

As part the company’s "it’s time I had a Romi in my shop” sweepstakes, a new Romi C420 CNC lathe will be delivered to Marshall, which makes medical devices and components for OEMs.

With a tax offset, the machine tool is valued at $63,000 and will go into production at Marshall as an augment to the shop’s turning capability. That certainly makes a trip to Chicago worthwhile.

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