Workholding Solutions at PMTS

During PMTS 2017, Hardinge Inc. will step up to the plate for a showfloor demonstration.



We’re sneaking up on the big show. One of the unique attractions at PMTS is showfloor demonstrations conducted in exhibitors' booths.

On Wednesday, April 26, at 10:30 a.m., Hardinge Inc. will step up to the plate. One of the company’s technical experts will discuss what the market is looking for in regards to precision workholding solutions.

In particular, there is high demand for setup reduction and reduced delivery times as well as workholding commonality, flexibility and tighter accuracy requirements. Understanding what is available to satisfy these requirements is only one reason to attend this showfloor demo.

All of the showfloor demos are free to attend at PMTS 2017. Register here for a free pass to the show on April 25-27.