Annual Technology Showcase Event Educates Attendees on the Latest Technology from Okuma

Okuma America Corporation holds the 2013 Technology Showcase event on December 10-12 in Charlotte N.C.

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Okuma America Corporation holds the 2013 Technology Showcase event on December 10-12 in Charlotte N.C. The event gives attendees the opportunity to witness the latest technology via hands-on demonstrations and allows them to learn how this new technology can be applied to their specific manufacturing challenges.

The demonstrations are relevant to attendees from a variety of industries, with cutting demonstrations using composite material, Inconel, titanium and carbon fiber, on a variety of machines including the LB-3000 EX, MULTUS B750, MB-4000H, PALLETACE (flexible manufacturing system), and the VTR-160A double column turning center.

Members of Partners in THINC will demonstrate how peripheral equipment such as tooling, gaging, workholding, automation and CNC control software can be integrated with Okuma technology to improve productivity. This 3-day event features an array of learning opportunities, allowing each attendee to customize the experience. 

2013 Technology Showcase attendees can participate in facility tours of Okuma headquarters offered multiple times a day. The tours will give attendees a behind-the-scenes look at how Okuma America responds to and supports customers in North, Central and South America.