Open House Features CNC Machine Demonstrations

Ganesh Machinery’s Gen Fest 2017 will be Tuesday, Oct. 3rd, will feature CNC Machines with cutting demonstrations and will be held at the company’s remodeled showroom.

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Ganesh Machinery’s open house Gen Fest 2017 will be Tuesday, Oct. 3rd for California customers from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Oct. 5th for out-of-state customers from noon to 5 pm. The event will feature CNC machines with cutting demonstrations and will be held at the Ganesh Machinery remodeled showroom at 20869 Plummer St. in Chatsworth, California.

Ganesh Machinery has automation solutions focusing on labor reduction and seamless production. The company will give presentations on how to achieve a complete part production. High-speed drill-tap machines and integral pallet changing milling machines will be demonstrated as well as CNC Swiss and multitasking CNC lathes with up to 11-axis.

The Cyclone-32 CS CNC Swiss-type machine will be shown with enhanced capabilities as well as the 20 mm and 42 mm eight-axis Swiss machines. The 36-tool Cyclone-52 BY2 nine-axis CNC lathe will be shown using the angular cutting capabilities while demonstrating how complex lathe parts, up to Ø2” bar capacity, with milled and drilled angle features can be machined.

The Ganesh CNC vertical milling machine line, starting with 24” × 16” and going up to 100” × 39”, will be demonstrated. The Ganesh 5X-8 five-axis milling machine will be shown processing a full five-axis workpiece. These series of premium CNC verticals feature the Mitsubishi M830 CNC control.

Ganesh also offers a complete Toolroom line of manual and CNC machines. The Ganesh Big Bore lathe series starts at 30” swing and goes up to 100” lathe swing capacity with spindle bores up to 15”.