Exporting the BIG Kaiser Model to Europe

After more than 30 years of mutual growth and a positive relationship, BIG Daishowa Seiki Co. and KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd. solidified their longtime partnership.

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After more than 30 years of mutual growth and a positive relationship, BIG Daishowa Seiki Co. Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) and KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd. (Rümlang, Switzerland) solidified their longtime partnership in the European and Asian markets.

The two companies have yet again come together to create a mutually beneficial distribution network—similar to the decade-old partnership that has been successful in the United States with BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. BIG Kaiser Germany ran as a pilot project to test efficacy of such a model in the European market, and the company’s success paved the way for a larger European partnership executed through KAISER Switzerland.

“From each company’s standpoint, the other market is difficult to enter,” says Peter Elmer, CEO of KAISER. “There are so many established rules and conventions that are foreign to both of us. We decided to enter the different markets with the help and support of the other. It is ultimately about the customers, and ensuring that we can get them the products they need. That’s why we want to grow into our partnership with BIG Daishowa.”

Elmer cited the two companies’ comparable goals as an advantage, ensuring that they will move forward as partners on equal footing. More importantly, both are focused on manufacturing the most precise and repeatable tooling available to the market. Because the two companies occupy a similar space on the quality/premium pyramid, they share marketing strategies, philosophies and experiences. That, combined with years of cooperation, makes the two companies ideal partners for Europe.

On the commercial side, a BIG Daishowa product specialist has been transferred to the KAISER facility for 3 years to support the transition. He is responsible for answering all questions and merging the workflow of the two companies. BIG Daishowa has a solid foundation in the tightly knit machine tool community in Japan. The new transfer will continue to push BIG products into European machines, expanding horizons and breaking into new markets, the company says.