Kennametal Celebrates 75 Years

Kennametal Inc. marks its 75th year in business.

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Kennametal Inc. marks its 75th year in business. Founded in 1938, Philip McKenna’s invention of tungsten-titanium carbide alloys started a company of 12 employees and $30,000 in revenue in its first year. Since then, the company he founded—subsequently renamed Kennametal—has grown 100,000-fold to almost $3 billion in revenues, serving more than 80,000 customers in 60-plus countries.

The company’s success holds true to Mr. McKenna’s focus on continuously
improving customers’ productivity.

Kennametal industrial technologies today enable advanced manufacturing; effective road rehabilitation; safe, efficient mining and energy production; and peak performance in transportation equipment, from planes, to trains and automobiles.

March 1 began a year-long celebration with various activities planned throughout the globe.