KeyedIn and Alternative Technology Solutions Partner to Deliver Cloud Software

Alternative Technology Solutions to Offer KeyedIn Cloud Solutions to U.S. Customers

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KeyedIn Solutions has a strategic partnership with Alternative Technology Solutions. This partnership expands the reach of KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP.

“Alternative’s vision to bring the best of the cloud to manufacturers means partnering with leading technology developers to deliver cloud-based solutions that meet the needs of companies looking to be more efficient, competitive, and responsive to the market,” says Vivian Keena, Alternative CEO. “Our partnership with KeyedIn will allow us to provide cloud-based, configurable ERP built specifically for many of the specialized manufacturing verticals we serve.

“Alternative has a reputation among manufacturers for being a leader in delivering business solutions to manufacturers,” says Lauri Klaus, KeyedIn CEO and co-founder. “There is a natural synergy between our companies to deliver the best technology to customers who need it most in the manufacturing space. These customers are struggling with legacy ERP solutions that desperately need a new and technologically advanced software solution to assist them with globalization and significantly improve their competitive advantage. KeyedIn Manufacturing is a natural addition to Alternative’s strong product portfolio.”