Eric Somma, President

PMTS 2011 interview

We will mostly be talking about two important products at PMTS this year.

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We will mostly be talking about two important products at PMTS this year. We recently brought to market a new holder for form tool inserts. It's pretty inexpensive, for quick-change. We're one of the very few companies that sell the actual inserts—the blanks—so the customers can do their own EDMing. Most suppliers do the actual form for their products. We also can do the form, but if the customers have their own EDM house, we can just sell them the inserts/blanks. We're excited about it, and it's starting to really take off. We have also added to our line-up a lot of different broach holders that require either no setup or very minimal setup. And that resolves one of the biggest issues with broaching

This show is important. Everybody who is anybody is at PMTS. People get to see the machines, the holders, the software, and so on. Because we deal through distributors, we don't always know what our end users are doing. But we get to meet quite a few at the show. PMTS gives us an opportunity to display our latest products. When people come to the show, we're not directly going for a sale, but we do want people to see what we have to offer. When they're ready to buy, our distributors will have any leads we bring in during the show.

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