GTW Multi-Axis Turning Centers with Turret and Gang Tooling Systems

Originally titled 'Multi-Axis Turning Centers with Turret and Gang Tooling Systems'

These machines are especially designed for the medical and auto industries.

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Goodway GTW series multi-axis turning centers are especially designed for the medical and automobile industries and are said to easily complete the complex front and back side machining of a workpiece with high efficiency and high precision.

Combined turret and gang tooling systems are more convenient for programming and efficiency. The gang tooling can continue working after catching the workpiece from the subspindle. There is no need to return to the home position, which increases the efficiency of machining. Twin spindles with collet chuck hold design is suitable for dual face turning on any shaft-type workpiece. With the separated coolant tank and the rear side of the chip conveyor design, it is easy to maintain and provide high efficiency for cooling, the company says.

Standard twin Y-axis function with driven turret, gang tooling system, and C axis can improve the ability for complex machining and accuracy. X, Y, and Z axes use high speed, high accuracy linear guideways design, and stretch to reach maximum intensity and accuracy, which reaches the rapid feed rate. 

The gang tooling system provides eight-station live tooling and is driven by an AC servomotor with high torque, which is designed to accomplish the most difficult machining job. The easy dismount design on the gang tooling system is especially designed for a subspindle. The machine offers rapid tool change, and no need to recede tools, which improves the machining efficiency on the rear side. Bar feeding, processing and discharging can all be completed at once on one machine.