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M10 Pro

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The M10 is a gantry type machine with a work area of 40" by 28" that occupies 79" by 83" of floor space. It features linear scales on all axes, which are driven by motors and drives that are larger than previous models. The design is said to yield ±5 micron positioning accuracy and rapid traverse rates as fast as 30 m/min. The CNC is designed to control three to six axes. The machine is equipped with a direct-drive, liquid-chilled, 40,000-rpm spindle for HSK-25E toolholders, which have a runout of less than 1 micron, the company says. Palletized workholding and probing help reduce set-up time and increase part quality and uniformity. According to the company, this model is suitable for applications requiring high accuracy and spindle speed such as defense, aerospace, electronics, energy, medical part prototyping and production.