Highly Versatile Multitasking Machine

The Mazak INTEGREX i-100ST multitasking machine features two turning spindles, a milling spindle and lower turret.

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The Mazak INTEGREX i-100ST multitasking machine features two turning spindles, a milling spindle and lower turret. Such machine features make it possible for manufacturers of small, complex parts to process first and second machining operations simultaneously or perform required sequential operations on a single workpiece.

Able to handle all processes from raw material input through the final machining, the i-100ST provides reductions in lead times and improves workpiece accuracy through the elimination of multiple setups. Plus, its full five-axis capability makes it possible to easily process fully prismatic parts from solid block or castings, round parts or highly contoured sculptured parts as chucked or bar-fed work.

The turning spindles on the i-100ST share high performance capabilities as they both employ a 15-hp integral motor spindle with maximum spindle speeds of 6,000 rpm. For high precision C-axis contouring, the main spindle indexes in 0.0001-degree increments, while the second spindle provides increments of 0.001 degrees. Each spindle features a 6" chuck with a 2.4" bore size that can accommodate barstock of up to 2" in diameter.

The multitasking machine has a 10-hp, 12,000-rpm milling spindle mounted in the rotating B axis with a range of 240 degrees in 0.0001-degree indexing increments. And for high accuracy of motion, B-axis scale feedback comes standard on the machine. The machine’s 36-tool magazine accommodates tools up to 5.1" in diameter when neighboring stations are empty and up to 3.5" in diameter when stations are occupied.

For off-centerline operations, the i-100ST, while compact in size, provides expansive axes travels of 8.2" in Y, 17.7" with a below centerline capability of 1.96" in X and 35.5" in Z; thereby allowing the machine to process a range of part sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the machine’s three linear axes attain high-speed rapid traverse rates of 1,575 ipm.

The machine’s lower drum turret carries nine tools and can work at either the main or second spindle with the same tool, allowing the turret to perform balanced cutting operations on one part working in tandem with the machine’s vertical milling spindle. There is also the option for milling capability with the lower turret, all of which provides the flexibility to process a workpiece’s second operation in the machine’s second spindle or to perform first and second operations simultaneously on one workpiece.