Hyundai WIA FD Series Dual-Pallet VMCs Useful for High Production

Originally titled 'Dual-Pallet VMCs Useful for High Production '

Hyundai WIA’s FD series of CNC VMCs was developed for high production environments with an integrated dual pallet configuration.

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Hyundai WIA’s FD series of CNC VMCs was developed for high production environments with an integrated dual pallet configuration. The FD series range includes the F410D (travels: 22.4” X axis, 16” Y axis, 23” Z axis), F500D (travels: 23.6” X axis, 18” Y axis, 22.4” Z axis) and the F600D (travels: 31.5” X axis, 23.6” Y axis, 23.6” Z- xis). Standard features include: a 24-tool (30-tool optional) swing arm tool changer, through-spindle coolant and rigid tapping.
The FD series machines benefit from the rigidity delivered through its unique traveling column design, the company says. The table and workpiece remain stationary during machining, providing uniform loads to the guideways, ballscrews and the spindle motor. Further, the machine’s accuracy is increased by enlarging the width of the column, thereby minimizing heat distortion within the casting. The dual, automatic 180-dgree indexing dual pallet is incorporated into the standard design of the machine and is accessible from the front. Because the table remains stationary during cutting, productivity is increased and setup time reduced because the operator is free to safely set up on the pallet not in use. Pallet change time is a mere 6 seconds.
The bed, column and saddle of Hyundai WIA’s FD Series are designed using finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure powerful cutting and agility and are composed of Meehanite cast iron to minimize deformation when performing heavy-duty cuts. The rigid bed is designed to absorb vibration for stable machining.

In order to eliminate thermal growth during machining, all axes are driven by high precision double-nut ballscrews. The double pretension design provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth, according to the company. All ballscrews are connected directly to the servodrive motors without gears or belts, eliminating backlash. Rapid high speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guideways in all three axes. This reduces non-cutting time and decreases machining time for greater productivity. Rapid traverse: 36 m/min in X and Y axis and 30 m/min in Z axis for the F410D.  

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