Inventory Management Application

AutoCrib released its internet-based inventory management application, AutoCrib. net 2. 2.

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AutoCrib released its internet-based inventory management application, 2.2. This release now bridges the gap between the client/server software and the internet-based solution providing users with all of the same capabilities, the primary enhancement being its ability to completely manage traditional cribs and stores, the company says.

There are 75 new features and subsystems including a flexible cycle counting module, advanced inventory management, graphical user interface, the ability to automatically update pricing from a file on a scheduled basis and more.

The application now provides the complete feature set necessary to manage a large tool crib with the ability to schedule cycle counts using ABC analysis. The new graphical bin assignment features for RoboCribs and VacuVends will save users a great deal of time by reducing the number of steps required to assign items to bin locations, according to the company.

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