Iscar Tiger-IQ Grooving Tools and Inserts Offer User-Friendly Locking Mechanism

Originally titled 'Grooving Tools and Inserts Offers User-Friendly Locking Mechanism'

The DoveIQGrip line is an evolution of the Tiger wide grooving inserts family.

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The DoveIQGrip line is an evolution of the Tiger wide grooving inserts family. The line features a user-friendly locking mechanism designed for inserts in widths of 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 mm and is made from Sumo Tec grade IC808. The inserts can be mounted on integral shank tools or on blades with cartridges that provide additional security for the blades.

The integral shank tools are available in 25-, 32- and 40-mm square shanks. The cartridges were designed for 10, 12 and 14 mm width inserts, mounted on a 53-mm blade size. The system provides excellent performance in deep, wide and heavy grooving operations, the company says.

The blades carry cartridges attached by a dovetail connection, providing high rigidity. The system was designed so that in case of a crash during machining, only the cartridge will be damaged. The cartridges also provide an economical protection solution, thus prolonging service life of the blades. The cartridge system can also be used for specials and exchangeable heads, providing savings on expensive tool cost.

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