Iscar's Tools Focus on Increased Productivity with Smart Insert Locking

Iscar's new tools focus on increased productivity with smart insert locking mechanisms, which therefore create a more stable machining process.

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Iscar's new tools focus on increased productivity with smart insert locking mechanisms, which therefore create a more stable machining process. The company has responded to the new market demands resulting from the trend toward high speed machining and mill-turn machining centers, with upgrades in both tool and insert geometries, leading to less machine downtime and less labor. Some of the products that will be on display at EMO 2013 are:

DOVE IQ TURN: An innovative dovetail pocket combined with a lever clamping mechanism provides firm and rigid insert clamping for heavy turning.

DOVE IQ GRIP: This new line of tools has a unique frontal locking mechanism designed for deep heavy grooving applications with unobstructed chip flow.

PENTA IQ GRIP: This design of small pentagonal inserts with five cutting edges is intended for deeper (than the current PENTACUT) and more accurate grooving and parting applications.

HELI IQ MILL 390: These milling inserts with three cutting edges and advanced cutting geometries function with reduced cutting forces and lower power consumption. This is an economical advantage versus inserts with two edges.

DOVE IQ MILL: This milling insert features a unique design with eight cutting edges for a range of 45-degree face milling applications, roughing and finishing operations on a range of materials.

FLASHTURN: A new range of Isoturn small size inserts, which provide an economical advantage regarding cost per cutting edge. They are available in a range of geometries, corner radii, chipformers and the most advanced carbide grades.

JET HP LINE: The coolant stream of the JHP (high pressure) tools is directed precisely between the insert rake face and the flowing chip. This results in superb chip evacuation which provides extended tool life, the company says.

DOVEIQ DRILL 700 LINE: Features a unique design, utilizing the carbide flexibility for self-locking; eliminating the need for clamping accessories. Extremely accurate, provides high cylindricity, due to an advanced self-centering edge geometry, according ot the company.

SUMOCHAM IQ: Expanded SUMOCHAM drilling head options, featuring a drilling head geometry that features concave cutting edges, which substantially enhance the self-centering capability of the drill. No pilot hole is necessary.

SUMO UNICHAM: New drills without a flange, for adjustable protrusion lengths and chamfering operations by using the standard CHAMRING modular chamfering drill holders.

SUMOGUN: Based on the SUMOCHAM insert geometry. For deep drilling applications of a diameter range of 12 to 25 mm (total length of 1,000 mm). Replacement of the drilling head inside the machine – no need to remove the drill for head indexing.

ONETAP: New tap line features an optimized cutting geometry for universal use, on all types of material.

TANG-GRIP IQ: Single-ended parting insert with clamping method. Features a flat blade, thus eliminating chip obstruction, the company says.

SWISSCUT INNOVAL: Upgraded SWISSCUT line with new inserts that feature an oval-shaped hole. The new clamping design uses a special screw that can be accessed and operated from both tool sides, preventing risk of falling parts.

MILLSHRED P290: The solution for machining very high shoulders. The tools and wavy edged inserts reduce chatter and enable optimal machining for a large variety of materials.

HELIDO 690 LINE: New family of tools for 90-degree milling. The new H690 triangular inserts feature six helical right-hand cutting edges and provide extremely high durability and stable performance, according to the company.

ISCAR strives to work closely with customers, not only to develop new technologies that meet emerging needs, but also to maximize the value of investments in modern machinery by increasing equipment utilization and optimizing performance.

ISCAR’s new HIGHQLINE tools are well-suited for the new generation of machining centers, enabling high feeds and speeds for highly productive machining operations.