KMH Series Horizontal Machining Centers Offer an Integrated Full Rotary B Axis

Originally titled 'HMCs Offer an Integrated Full Rotary B Axis'

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has expanded its line of KIWA HMCs.

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has expanded its line of KIWA HMCs. With the KIWA KMH Series, the KIWA line now has pallet sizes ranging from 300 mm to 1,250 mm to handle a large range of part sizes.

The KMH-300 and KMH-630 Series offer an integrated full rotary B axis and a FANUC Oi-MD control with a 15” LCD screen. Both feature excellent chip evacuation and easy access for setup and maintenance. A spindle oil cooling system and coolant-through ballscrews are standard.

The KMH-300 has a compact footprint of 140” depth x 107” width, including the chip conveyor. Travels on the KMH-300 machine are 18.1” on the X and Y axes and 13.7” on the Z axis.

In addition, Methods introduced the KH Series models, including the KH-55 500-mm dual pallet model, with 10k rpm, Cat 50-Taper and a newly expanded 240-tool ATC. The next generation KH-45 Series was also introduced, featuring the KH-4500, shown as a PC6 version with increased rapid rates to 74 m/min and a newly developed “ball drive system” for the fourth axis, which provides no backlash, resulting in higher rigidity and longer axis life. The KH-4500 showcases KIWA’s newly developed 150 bar (2,000 psi) coolant through–the-spindle option. This feature is double the pressure of most models within its class and is ideal for deep-hole drilling, especially in harden steel applications.