Mark Walker, President, Gosiger Import

PMTS 2011 interview.

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The Gosiger booth features a variety of unique technologies targeted specifically at the high-volume parts industry. Manufacturers will be familiar with some of the products on display such as the Nomura NN 32YB and NN16J. However, both of these machines will be under power and demonstrating some of the more unusual capabilities and applications that have been developed since the last PMTS.
Several new product lines that offer new, or enhanced capabilities are showcased.  These include Bumotec CNC machining centers for complex parts and BTB rotary transfer machines. However, prime among these new products is the Sinico. Sinico double endworking machines produce high-volume parts with quick change-over at an extremely low cost per piece. Companies making precision production parts from bar, tube or extrusions and multi-spindle houses where lower production lots are required with quick change-overs will find the Sinico product very interesting.

Another product is the iFP vacuum parts cleaner. It is value priced, full featured technology that is environmentally friendly and extremely cost efficient in terms of output, as well as consumables. This parts cleaner produces a range of machines suitable for all sizes of products from tiny jewelry to large, complex parts and parts containing bores, internal grooves and threads. 

Editor Pick

MS40-8 Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe with Eight Spindles

Index Corp. has developed a multi-spindle automatic lathe series, this time with eight CNC spindles, two backworking spindles for rear-end machining, deploying as many as 18 CNC slides (X and Z) and additional Y axes, if required.