Marposs to Feature High Precision Piezo Probing Line

Originally titled 'Company Features High Precision Piezo Probing Line'

At WESTEC 2017 Marposs Corp. will showcase its Mida Diamond touch probes featuring piezo-electric technology and designed for five-axes machining centers and milling machines.

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Marposs Corp. will feature its Mida Diamond touch probes with piezo-electric technology and designed for five-axis machining centers and milling machines. These probes, available in optical or radio transmission styles, provide measurement performance on 3D surfaces with repeatability within 0.25 micron and are well-suited to industries where precision requirements are pushed to the limits daily, such as die and mold, aerospace, aeronautics and biomedical, the company says.

According to the company, through automatic detection of machine axis position, these probes achieve part positioning, workpiece orientation and origin identification as well as accurate part measurement. Relying upon a special filter, these probes can distinguish false-triggering events from actual touch events.

There are several types of applications available. Operating with either a radio or optical receiver, the probes offer a wide operating field useful for large machines where line-of-sight between probe and receiver is not ensured. And, since the line of sight between the touch probe transmitter and receiver is not required, complex surfaces and deep cavity parts can be inspected. Measurements may be performed at depths as large as 1 m due to the modular structure and extensions of the probe, the company says. 

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