Multi-Axis Rotary Tables Increase Productivity

These tables allow users to upgrade a VMC to increase productivity.

Related Suppliers

Exsys Tool Inc. is the exclusive North American supplier of pL Lehmann high precision rotary tables. The Swiss-manufactured pL Lehmann 500 series of modular multi-axis rotary tables allow users to upgrade a VMC to increase productivity without incurring the expense of a new machine. Adaptable to almost any workpiece or production situation, the tables are available in four basic models that can be assembled into as many as 240 different configurations. More than 20 different clamping methods and behind-the-spindle accessories that include rotary unions, special clamping cylinders and angular position measuring systems further extend the system’s adaptability. 

The tables consume a minimum of space in the machine work envelope. However, the tables and spindles offer strong resistance to pull-out torque and axial force while providing high levels of clamping torque, the company says. Engineered for low power consumption and light weight, the tables feature IP67-rated enclosures.

Both single-spindle and multi-spindle tables are available in four-axis and four/five-axis versions. Swiveling-bridge style, four-axis tables employ the Roto-Fix clamping yoke for multiple part machining. The table’s backlash-free preloaded gear drives (PGD) provide both high torque and high rotation speeds, with spindles capable of 47-111 rpm and cycle times for 90 degrees of 0.34 sec. Five-axis tables operate in simultaneous machining or productivity-enhancing 3+2 positioning modes.