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PUBLISHED: 11/18/2016

Ganesh 20-mm Hybrid Swiss CNC Lathe for Machining Efficiency

The Ganesh twin-spindle SL-20Y2 eight-axis 20-mm Swiss lathe addresses the need for getting work up to ¾-inch diameter done efficiently in only one operation with all of the axial and radial milling features accurately timed and deburred.

PUBLISHED: 11/17/2016

Carmex AMT Cutter for High-Speed Aluminum Machining

Available in a cylindrical shank or Weldon shank, the cutter is designed to minimize the tendency of aluminum to stick to the cutting tool edges.

PUBLISHED: 11/8/2016

Seco Parting-Off System Optimizes Coolant Delivery

The Seco 150.10-Jeti system improves the heat removal process in high-speed parting-off applications, according to the company.

PUBLISHED: 11/7/2016

Max 40 CO Machining Unit for Robot Applications

The Max 40 CO from Suhner is a large machining unit for use in robot applications.

PUBLISHED: 11/4/2016

Drill Program for Maintenance and Repair Offers Economic Reliability

The product range covers most ferrous applications with drills suitable for use in portable drilling, drill presses and other operations.

PUBLISHED: 11/3/2016

Iscar Inserts Support Bearing Designs

Many Iscar inserts are designed as multi-corner inserts, such as the Penta and feature economic advantages because of their five cutting edges.

PUBLISHED: 11/2/2016

Genos M560-V Features Large Work Envelope to Machine a Range of Parts

A highly rigid, thermally stable, double-column construction is designed to give this CNC machine the ability to withstand thermal deformation, resulting in improved machining performance.

PUBLISHED: 11/1/2016

TungForce-Rec Miniature Shoulder Milling Cutter Designed with V-Shaped Bottom

A large positive inclination angle also reduces cutting force, while the insert flank is designed to increase chipping resistance.

PUBLISHED: 10/31/2016

Automatic Lathe for Turning Simple to Moderately Complex Parts

Especially useful for runs from 5,000 to 50,000 parts in the 42-mm to 60-mm range, the machine’s combination of features is designed to support a low production cost per piece, even for complex parts.

PUBLISHED: 10/28/2016

Viking Industrial Washer Designed for Hard to Clean Aftermarket Applications

The washer can easily be configured to standard manufacturing applications as well.

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