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PUBLISHED: 6/6/2017

Yama Seiki GMS-2600ST Multitasking Turning Center with Live Tooling Turret

The GMS-2600 series combines a turning center and machining center into one machine to perform complex free shape machining, tapping, milling, drilling, incline machining, contour machining and turning to save floor space and eliminate secondary ope...

PUBLISHED: 6/5/2017

Hardinge VMCs Feature Fast Rapid Rates, High Axis and Spindle Acceleration/Deceleration

The Bridgeport VMCs are ideal for job shops or OEMs. The machines have a small compact footprint, yet include a rugged machine developed for applications that require a rigid, fast and accurate setup.

PUBLISHED: 6/2/2017

SV-15 Honing Machine Runs Standard Tools and Diamond Hone Heads

The honing machine is a versatile automatic cylinder hone capable of handling bore diameters from 0.750" to 8" (19 - 203 mm) and lengths up to 11" (279 mm) for all types of blocks, from single-cylinder and high-performance engines to diesel truck an...

PUBLISHED: 6/1/2017

BNC2000 Series CBN Grades Perform with Accuracy and Productivity

A newly developed CBN substrate coated with a TiCN layer achieves excellent surface finish, while reducing wear, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 5/31/2017

MS40-8 Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe with Eight Spindles

Index Corp. has developed a multi-spindle automatic lathe series, this time with eight CNC spindles, two backworking spindles for rear-end machining, deploying as many as 18 CNC slides (X and Z) and additional Y axes, if required.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2017

Emuge’s Solid Carbide Coolant-Fed Micro Drills

EF Micro Drills range from 0.0295” (0.75 mm) up to 0.1181” (3.0 mm) in diameter.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2017

2,200°F Inert Atmosphere Pit Furnace for Heat Treating Automotive Parts

Workspace dimensions of this furnace measure 36” wide × 36” deep × 48” high. 78 kW are installed in heavy gage, high-temperature Kanthal AF alloy wire heating elements of rod overbend design and powered through a low voltage transformer to heat the ...

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2017

CarbonForce Vitrified cBN Wheels Offer Better Operator Safety

With their lightweight carbon fiber core, these wheels reduce labor costs and strain on the operator and often eliminate the need for a crane because they meet most safe lifting weight limits.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2017

Stabilizer 2.0 Doubles Feed Rates, Shortens Cycle Times

The cutters incorporate continuous variable asymmetrical geometries and provide smooth and chatter-free performance that allows feed rates to be doubled as compared with previous models.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2017

Rego-Fix Through-Coolant System for Swiss-Type Machines

Like its companion system, the reCool RCR/ERM converts existing flood-cooled driven tools with ERM mini threads to through-tool-coolant capable in two minutes.

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