Olaf Tessarzyk, Managing Partner

PMTS 2011 interview

It’s easy for me to see the significance of a show like PMTS as I look back at the time when I ran a machine shop.

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It’s easy for me to see the significance of a show like PMTS as I look back at the time when I ran a machine shop. Too many shows require running all day through several halls, picking out key people like needles in a haystack. PMTS is a show where I have everybody in this industry condensed in one hall, and every booth I go to can keep me busy for at least 15-20 minutes. That's a big difference. It may seem like a small show, but it's very interesting because it has all of what a machine shop needs in one place. That's why if any machine shop misses this show they miss out big time. It's affordable, it's in a nice town, and all of the technology can be seen in two days.
Our company will have a couple of new machines at PMTS. We’ll show an eight-spindle, full CNC machine that goes up to 2 ¾”. This machine has been a big success for us. We weren't able to display it at IMTS because we had sold every one of them, so we are excited to have the machine available to show at PMTS. It will be shown with an interesting quick change-over application.
We'll also have the 642 on display—a multi-spindle CNC machine doing a complete worm gear. It's an application combining three processes in one, reducing the steps needed to manufacture these parts. Then we’ll also be running a CNC Swiss medical application on our Swiss machine.
Another exciting feature at our booth will be a variety of applications for a cam multi-spindle machine showing how competitive cam multis can be for the right parts. It doesn't always have to be a full CNC multi; it can be a hybrid. These machines can provide the same results in quality with much higher cycle times than a CNC multi. CNC multi-spindle users will find this interesting as well, as they see a lot of parts they might not have thought could run on a cam multi that we have done successfully.

With the newer cleaning requirements in Europe quickly becoming a factor in the U.S., shops might also want to take a look at the vacuum solvent degreaser we are exhibiting. It is a completely emission-free, green machine. The machine can go anywhere in the plant, and it requires no permit. All the oils that are degreased can be reused in the manufacturing process, and parts can even be rust protected. That technology will becomes a standard for us.