Swiss Live Toolholders

Alouette Tool Co. Ltd.

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Alouette Tool Co. Ltd. will be the exclusive U.S. agent for W&F Werkzeugtechnik’s modular line of Swiss live toolholders. The system has been incorporated into a new line for Swiss-type turning machines.

W&F’s modular clamping system affords flexibility and versatility. The line of live toolholders for Swiss machines comes with a quick-change modular chuck at the output of the toolholders. With this system, it is possible to interchange 60-plus cutting tool adapters within the same quick-change chuck. No longer is it necessary to purchase separate live toolholders for ER-type collet holders, milling/saw arbors, tap holders and so on.

The company offers quick-change adapters for its live toolholders such as ER-8, ER-11, ER-16, ER-20, ER-25 and milling/saw arbors for 5-mm, 8-mm and 10-mm ID saws.

The complete program of live toolholders is available for Tornos Deco machines as well as Citizen-Cincom machines.