TENDOzero Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder Made for Micron Precision

Originally titled 'Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder Made for Micron Precision'

Micron precision is always required for drilling, reaming and line boring.

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Micron precision is always required for drilling, reaming and line boring. Schunk offers a hydraulic expansion toolholder with a runout accuracy of 0.00 mm, which can be quickly adjusted. The TENDOzero is equipped with four lateral set screws, which directly affect the tool shank, the angular position of the tool is corrected, and runout is precisely adjusted. With this precision toolholder, even demanding applications with tight tolerances of shape, position and surface quality are carried out quickly and reliably.

In contrast to conventional solutions, which work with compensation adapters or rings, the set-screws of the TENDOzero are directly integrated into the precision mounting. With a Torx- plus key, the angular position of the clamped precision tool is corrected and the runout is adjusted. Compensation for the spindle’s runout errors are done at the machine. The excellent vibration damping leads to an even cut and minimizes micro blow-outs at the cutting edge.

Besides having conventional cooling from the outside, TENDOzero also has an internal coolant supply, and in a slightly modified version, the minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). The clamping diameter can be reduced by as much as 3 mm by using intermediate sleeves. The run-out accuracy of 0.000 mm is adjustable, as well.

The precision mounting of the toolholder is available for the following interfaces: HSK-A 63 and 100, SK 40 and 50, BT 40 and 50, CAPTO C4, C5, and C6.

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