Three Coating Options for Iron and Steel

The Tru Temp process operates at 200°F and produces a high quality black finish.

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The Tru Temp process operates at 200°F and produces a high quality black finish. An in-house Tru Temp line uses no EPA-regulated chemicals and can be safely installed in any plant. Its 30-minute blackening time streamlines workflow and lowers costs, according to the company.

The Tru Temp process produces a durable, satin black magnetite coating 20 millionths thick (0.5 micron), with no effect on material hardness or tensile strength. RoHS and MilSpec compliant, the finish withstands as much as 100 to 200 hours of neutral salt spray or several hundred hours of humidity, verified by independent testing. The process blackens all types of tooling and machine components and operates at low cost.

The Presto Black process operates at room temperature and produces a uniform, non-dimensional black finish that absorbs a rust preventive topcoat and won’t chip or peel. Using mild, fume-free solutions, the process operates without heat and is easy and safe to work with, the company says. When configured with an Ion Exchange system to recycle the rinse waters, it operates as a completely self-contained, zero-discharge process line. Compliant with RoHS and AMS 2484, the Presto Black system is designed for process lines of all sizes.

Microlok AO provides corrosion protection and break-in lubricity. This process is especially useful for tooling and machine components that don’t call for a black color, but require robust corrosion protection, break-in lubricity and galling resistance, the company says. The finish is a non-toxic aluminum oxide conversion coating, silver-black in color and RoHS compliant. The system uses no EPA regulated content, and process rinse waters are sewerable as non-hazardous discharge.