Turning Center Available In Three Models

The Lynx 220 OD turning center is available in three models: the 220A with a 6. 5" chuck; the 220LC with an 8. 25" chuck and elongated bed.

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The Lynx 220 OD turning center is available in three models: the 220A with a 6.5" chuck; the 220LC with an 8.25" chuck and elongated bed. All are powered by a 20 hp motor that provides the muscle to power through heavy cuts in tough metals, the company says.

A 30-degree slant bed maintains a minimal and constant distance from tool tip to guideway and ensures maximum rigidity and eliminates deformation under heavy loads. This design also allows excellent chip flow and operator access for loading and unloading material, replacing chucks and tools and repositioning the optional tailstock. The one-piece bed is stategically ribbed. Its fine-grain Meehanite composition dampens vibration and helps dissipate heat.

The spindle accelerates to its peak 6,000 rpm (220A) in 2.3 seconds. The large contact surface of the cylindrical roller bearings provide high rigidity for heavy loads and mirror finishes. All bearings are permanently lubricated, precisin class P4.

The 12-station turret is non-stop and bi-directional, with a 0.15-second station index time. Its design, with a large 8.27" diameter curvic coupling, provides high rigidity, long boring bar overhang ratios and extended tool life.

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