Twin-Spindle Multitasking Turning Center

The LM1600/1800TT, Hyundai WIA’s twin spindle multitasking CNC turning center, contains upper and lower turrets and available Y and C axes.

The LM1600/1800TT, Hyundai WIA’s twin spindle multitasking CNC turning center, contains upper and lower turrets and available Y and C axes. The series is ready for processing of complex parts in volume production runs. It is really four machines in one—two lathes and two mills. The turning centers feature built-in spindle motors and upper and lower turrets for high productivity. Precise, synchronized facing twin spindles reduce idle time, and BMT-type turrets guarantee accuracy and power, the company says. 


This is a machine that can do multiple operations (milling and turning) in a single setup. The LM1600/1700 TT compresses leadtimes from days to hours and reduces lot sizes with no cost penalty—lots as small as one piece can be done efficiently and cost effectively, according to the company. 


The LM1600/1800 TT is designed to slash non-value-added time—fewer fixtures, tools and far less labor. Further, it improves part accuracy by reducing tolerance stackups between multiple fixturings. 


The LM1600/1800TT series features a 45-degree, slant-bed design, which was developed using finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure a stable platform for powerful, precise cutting capabilities. In order to eliminate thermal growth and increase accuracy, all axes are driven by high precision double-nut ballscrews. The pretensioned and double-anchored design provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. Rapid high-speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guideways in the Z axis, complimented by box guideways in the X and Y axes for added rigidity. 


The upper turret on the TTY and TTSY configured machines uses a wedge-type Y axis, which permits machining of complex parts in a single chucking. With a Y-axis travel of ±50 mm (100 mm [3.94”] total), a range of workpieces can be machined. 


The LM series uses built-in spindle motors for both the left and right with identical specifications for high speed precision machining in either direction. Each spindle features ultra precision angular bearings to provide high speed accel/decel as well as smooth machining with minimal noise and vibration at high rpm, even at the highest rotational speeds. Spindle temperature is further controlled by the use of a spindle chiller, which ensures constant oil temperature and minimizes growth in the spindle caused by heat distortion. 


Live tooling features a 5.5/1.1 kW motor with a maximum milling speed of 5,000 rpm and torque of 47 Nm. An ER25 collet system allows as much as 16-mm diameter tools to be used.

The standard automatic Q setter allows tool offsets to be set quickly and accurately. This system can also be utilized as an in-process function to monitor tool wear and detect broken tools. 



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