Updated Part-Storage System Increases Productivity, Efficiency

Automated Cells & Equipment introduces the latest version of its WS8100 Workstocker

Automated Cells & Equipment introduces the latest version of its WS8100 Workstocker. The system features a greater part-handling range, increased processing speed and the ability to handle both raw and finished parts, all while using less floor space.

The flexible part-storage system can be used with machine-tending automation. When coupled with a robot or pick-and-place device, the system is said to free up operator time by providing a continuous stream of parts to the production system.

Stacks of parts are contained vertically within three-pin, rapid-adjust magazines. A precision CAM-driven indexer rotates each stack of parts in front of an electrically-driven lifter. The lifter raises an individual stack, vertically positioning the top part for robot, or other device, pickup. After the robot has removed the top part, another part is automatically positioned for pickup during the next load cycle.

Access for loading the system occurs outside the automation cell, promoting uninterrupted part load and unload of the machine tool. Zero Clearance sliding doors are featured so that additional floor space is not required during the part loading process. The product is equipped with eight stations with 18" of usable height and a 100-lb capacity each. The rapid-adjust, three-pin magazine handles 1.25" to 7.3" part diameters when OD located, and 2.5" to 8.5" part diameters when ID located. The system may be used as an eight-station, raw-parts supply system or as a four-station, raw-parts supply with the remaining four stations utilized for finished parts.

Additional features of the system include drawer-based control cabinet, remote-mount integrated 6" color HMI/PLC with Ethernet IP for control of all product functions, integrated safety fence panel for drop-in convenience and 120 Volt 1-Phase power. Floor space requirements are 45" × 53" × 75".