Zone3 3D Multi-Sensor Software Makes Measurements Easier

Originally titled 'Multi-Sensor Software Makes Measurements Easier'

The software includes new features to make 3D multi-sensor measurement easier and more effective, the company says.

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OGP (Optical Gaging Products), a division of Quality Vision International (QVI), offers the newest version of its 3D CAD-based multi-sensor metrology software, Zone3 Version 4.

The software includes new features to make 3D multi-sensor measurement easier and more effective, the company says. It includes new finders and video tools, including a tool to automatically adjust a light source to an intensity goal; a finder to locate irregular geometries and report their area/centroid location in single or multiple fields-of-view(s); and a finder that uses optical focus to create 3D data points subsequently usable in constructions or feature definitions.

Replace CAD, another tool, updates a CAD file in an existing part routine when the part design changes. The Task-Based Programming tool uses subsets of a master measurement routine (Task Lists) to be run in lieu of the full routine.

New ways to perform alignments, including Use Current Alignment, ensure a current datum alignment is applied to a GD&T step rather than specifying each datum individually, and Alignment Indexer where alignments used in a repeat loop are sequenced and numbered to optimize runtime and associate each measurement with its coordinate system alignment.

New constructions, including Extreme Point, is available that offers the measured point for the selected feature that is most extreme in a specified direction that may be constructed and reported and/or used as an expression variable.