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ESPRIT is a global leader in high-performance computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

ESPRIT – Machine with Confidence

ESPRIT's high-performance capabilities include machining any part geometry (solid, surface or wireframe), universal post processing to format G-code for virtually any machine tool, and solid simulation and verification with dry runs rendered in dynamic solids for optimal part quality and consistency. ESPRIT is 100% pure Windows®, and provides a comfortable and familiar user interface for maximum productivity. ESPRIT provides: · 2-5 axis milling · 2-22 axis turning · 2-5 axis wire EDM · Multitaksing mill-turn machining and B-axis machine tools One CAM System Does It All - ESPRIT. The Most Powerful CAM Software Ever! Get more information about the benefits of CNC programming with ESPRIT on the web at

Company Profile

ESPRIT is a global leader in high-performance computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Compatible with a full range of machine-tool applications ESPRIT CAD/CAM software delivers powerful full-spectrum programming for 2-5 axis milling, 2-22 axis turning, wire EDM, multitasking, mill-turn, Swiss-turn and B-axis machine tools, and high-speed 3 and 5-axis machining. Offering factory certified post processors, accurate G-code, and world-class customer support ESPRIT is the ultimate machine tool solution.

Product Categories of ESPRIT by DP Technology Corp.

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, NC Program Optimization
  • Software, NC Verification

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Esprit 2016 Optimizes Machining Processes and Increase Profits
While traditional cutting strategies only consider the part geometry, ProfitTurning creates the toolpath considering multiple cutting factors and machine characteristics that impact machining performance.

Software Provides Time Savings and Improved Accuracy
Shops get paid for making chips, and profit comes from making them as efficiently as possible. Shop management software is a key to reducing waste by ensuring that machining is being done on the right jobs, in the right way and at the right time.

Esprit 2015 Helps Reduce Cycle Time
DP Technology Corp.’s Esprit 2015 accelerates the machining process by providing five-axis machining cycles that reduce cycle time.

Latest Version of Esprit 2015 Software
DP Technology Corp. has released the latest version of its pioneering flagship product Esprit 2015.

Esprit Cloud-Enabled CAM Increases Programming Efficiency
DP Technology Corp.'s Esprit cloud-enabled CAM software helps programmers easily and quickly select tools based on part features.

CNC Programming Software Increases Precision and Speed
Programming by hand was once a reality for IM Torneria (Bologna, Italy). However, when projects with complicated components became the norm for the shop, it was obvious to the company that CAM was needed. 

Maximizing Machinery in Medical Manufacturing
Looking for a way to get the most from your machines? Isn’t everyone? One manufacturer of orthopedic implants such as bone screws, bone plates, and replacement joints, as well as surgical instruments, is using CAM software to maximize the potential of its increasingly complex machines.

High Speed Roughing Strategy Removes More Material
Esprit 2013, available from DP Technology, features the ProfitMilling strategy for two-, three-, four- and five-axis roughing cycles.

Consolidating CAM Software Cuts Programming Time
At Trillium Machine Inc., there’s no room for thinking within the comfy confines of “the box,” working in the “comfort zone,” or refusing to try the untried. 

Mazak Certifies DP Technology as Newest VIP Partner
Mazak has announced the certification of DP Technology Corporation as the newest member of its Value Inspired Partners (VIP) technology program. Stemming from Mazak’s commitment to provide more comprehensive solutions to manufacturers, the VIP program brings together producers of complementary technologies to create more innovative products and turnkey processes.

Full Programming for Traditional and Multi-Axis Turning
Many shops that have long operated with traditional turning centers are now rapidly supplementing their processes with multi-axis machines that have the ability to produce complex parts unattended.

Programming Competition
DP Technology has announced its first “Programmed by Esprit” contest--an opportunity for customers, resellers and students to showcase their talents and programming and machining skills.

Multidiscipline CAM Helps Shop Respond Quickly to Customer Needs
Simplifying the machining process makes a shop more productive, and no shop knows this better than Carbide Products Inc. (Georgetown, Ky.). This job shop has reduced programming time and virtually eliminated programming errors by switching to Esprit software from DP Technology. 

When the Valley Shook
Last Word

Analysis Tools Enhance Software
Included in ESPRIT 2011 CAM software is a significant number of programming technologies for milling, turning, wire EDM, multitasking mill-turn, and high-speed three and five axis, in addition to system-wide enhancements and new analysis tools.

CAM Reduces Cycle Time From Days to Minutes
When your house is going up in flames, the last thing on your mind is whether the local hero’s firefighting equipment will do its job, and that’s exactly the way it should be.

CAM Software for Mills, Lathes and Wire EDM
Esprit 2011, the latest edition of the company’s CAM software for CNC programming of mills, lathes and wire EDM machines, features system-wide upgrades.

New Opportunities with CAM
A shop’s first steps into programming with CAM can be intimidating. But this company found success in fearless flexibility and the right software to fit its applications.

Version 2010 Improvements, DP Technology Corp.
Esprit 2010 offers improvements in the support of integrated multitasking and mill-turn machine tools.

February 2010 News
Makino in MexicoMakino has opened an international technology center located in Querétaro, Mexico.