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  • Cam-Type Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Cleaning & Degreasing Equipment, Aqueous
  • CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - Used Equipment
  • CNC Swiss Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Transfer Machines, Rotary

Trade Names

  • Alesamonti
  • BTB
  • Euroturn
  • iFP
  • Nomura
  • Shimada
  • Sinico


Product Announcements Provided By Gosiger Automation

New Multi-Spindle CNC From Euroturn

As seen in PM

Automation for Your Machine Shop
A free white paper from Gosiger Automation discusses the reasons that metalworking manufacturers from small CNC shops to large-scale operations benefit from automating many machining functions.

Multifunction Turning Centers Reduce Cycle Time
Gosiger specialists will be available in Okuma’s booth to support an array of machine tool products including lathes, multifunction turning centers, machining centers and grinders.

White Papers for Aerospace Machining
Two white papers from machine tool distributor and automation integrator Gosiger Inc. explain the capabilities required of CNC machine shops that wish to enter the aerospace market.

Checklist for Lights-Out Manufacturing
Many shops of various sizes are trying to hop on the lights-out bandwagon. This article looks at some things to consider and check out before “hopping.”

Cleaning Parts Cost Effectively
A shop should look at all aspects of the production process to maximize productivity. This includes selecting an efficient cleaning system.

Merging Turning and Automation
Hardinge Inc. recently demonstrated automated production of hydraulic spool valve housings on its T51 MSY SP Super-Precision turning center.

Mark Walker, President, Gosiger Import
PMTS 2011 interview.

3D Monitoring and Part Verification
Using verification software provided by its machine tool supplier, this shop proves out parts well before any cutting takes place.

Parts Cleaning in a Vacuum
While not glamorous, cleaning is a necessity for quality parts production. This supplier provides a solution to many of the issues shops face for fast, effective and environmentally friendly parts cleaning.

Vacuum Parts Washers
The iFP washing system operates on a recycling vacuum principle. Typical washing systems are normally water-based (aqueous) or solvent-based styles that can, in the worst case, amount to little more than open vats of caustic and hazardous chemicals. In today's competitive marketplace, manufacturers need better results.

Technical Member Profile: Gosiger Import
Gosiger Import, a division of Gosiger Inc., markets precision machining equipment to manufacturers throughout the United States. The company’s three principal lines are Euroturn multi-spindle automatic screw machines, Nomura CNC Swiss turning centers and BTB flexible, rotary transfer machines.

Trunnion Trends
With strong roots solving manufacturing issues in Europe, rotary transfer machine technology is finding justification solving similar issues in North America. It’s still not for everybody, but increasingly, with technological advances in capability and flexibility, it may make more sense for shops on this side of the pond.

Nomura Machine Tool Product Line
 - Product brochure highlights individual Nomura automatic lathe models ranging from the NN-10 to the NN-YB - Outlines the model line-up with a brief overview of key elements, while individual sections provide detailed technical specifications and machine layout drawings - Includes each machine line's key features as well as available flexible attachments such as polygonal cutting, hob cutting and a four-cross drill attachment .

Six-Spindle CNC Automatic Lathe
The six-spindle automatic lathe, the Euroturn 6/26 CNC from Maxim International, is built with six independent cross slides, six independent endworking slides, five independent compound slides and an independent backworking slide. The machine is especially useful for high-volume turning applications, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. The lathes offers an advanced CNC control incorporating an operator-friendly Graphic Programming System.

Using CNC On Cam Multis
Much buzz around the industry is focused on how best to apply CNC in multi-spindle screw machine shops. Some advocate total commitment to the technology, while others believe a mixture of mechanical and electronic actuation is the ticket. We visited multi-spindle builder Euroturn to see how it decides what an appropriate level of CNC and mechanical actuation is.