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Tangled chips

Craftsman’s Cribsheet: Overall Equipment Efficiency
Every shop strives to have busy machines and production lines that are making the right product and making the product right. This is one perspective on OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).


PMPA Members Save with Partnership
PMPA members get a nice return on their membership dues investment when they take advantage of our Partnership Freight Savings Program.


PMPA Member Montague Tool and Manufacturing Finds Success in Workholding Innovation and Creativity
Innovation in milling and workholding is what Montague Tool and Manufacturing does best. Before it was a 60-employee, full-service milling company capable of high-volume production across many different industries, it was a modest machine shop run by an owner with a knack for milling ingenuity.

Trainer and trainee

Secure Your Company's Future with PMPA-MFG
PMPA-MFG provides the essentials to support a standardized training program. The program enables you to train and certify new and current employees in three easy steps.

chart shows types of materials and their level of machinability

Craftsman's Cribsheet: Relative Machinability of Materials
Machinability of different materials is generally expressed as a percentage compared with a known standard.

a classroom with students sitting at desktop computers

Training the Next Generation: How do you Feel about Online Programs?
Solutions to ensuring the successful integration of technology involve the time and effort that individuals are willing to invest in themselves and the organization.

machines lined up in a shop

PMPA Member Swissline Precision Finds Success in Equipment Investment and Employee Training
Swissline Precision is a technologically advanced machine shop headquartered in Cumberland, Rhode Island, in a 36,000-square-foot facility with more than 60 machines. The company is currently the largest Tsugami CNC Swiss operation under one roof in North America and primarily serves the medical and aerospace industries.

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What Machinability Means Depends on Where You Are
I am often asked my opinion about a material’s machinability, and I have found that I have to assess the person’s motivation, job title and location before I can answer the question.

1 1/2-inch diameter high speed steel reamer with crack

Seven Causes for Quench Cracking in Steel
Failures of steel parts in service or production occur infrequently. However, when steel parts fail, the consequences are dire. Here are seven ways that steel can fail as a result of quench cracking from heat treatment.

Inspiring Transformation: PMPA’s 2017 Annual Meeting, October 26-30, 2017
We chose to focus this conference on “Inspiring Transformation” – with sessions designed to inspire a renewal of personal leadership, workforce and company aspirations.

Horn workers huddle around laptop computer

Training Through German Eyes: Not What You Expect
HORN pays strict attention to assure the people that the company understands the importance of, and are capable of, working with others. Its focus is on using the strengths of each person for the benefit of the whole.

mono-crystalline diamond-milled part

Technology or People?
In your shop, do your people operate your machines? What impressed me the most was the implicit, built-in assumptions at HORN that it was the people leading the machine tools, rather than the machine tools leading the people.

stress crack

Stress Cracks in Steel Bar Products
Stress cracks are often seen in locations that experience bending or straightening. They are also referred to as “cross cracks” or “transverse cracks.” Originally, they were identified in mill billet and bloom products prior to rolling.

students posing for picture on Student Day

Training the Next Generation: What a Difference a Student Day Can Make
At PMTS 2017, more than 300 students from Ohio and surrounding areas came to learn about precision machining and the careers available in our shops. Community colleges, tech schools, career centers and vocational schools brought their students to see firsthand the breadth of our industry.

Man standing next to semi-truck cab

PMPA Technical Member Stainless and Aluminum Inc. Finds Success in Quality Materials and Customized Distribution
Stainless and Aluminum specializes in stainless steel, aluminum and steel bar distribution. The company also specializes in cutting with capabilities of plus or minus 0.005 inch in length and up to 14 inches in diameter for CNC shops that need larger sizes.

Miles Free, author

Precision Machining Industry Outlook: You Should be Bullish, Too
To sustain our businesses successfully, we need to intelligently manage risk, but for too many years, we have been conditioned by the market and the federal government to hunker down and try to avoid all risk.

Craftsman's Cribsheet No. 55: The Eight Wastes Found in Business and Manufacturing Processes
In “The Toyota Way,” author Jeffrey Liker lists and discusses the eight non-value-adding wastes that can be found in business and manufacturing processes.

Training the Next Generation: How We Can Open Our Doors
By opening our shops to the community, we can show people the amazing things manufacturers do. When we show people the products we make, how we make them and why they are important, people will understand the value of manufacturing in their lives.

Aneesa Muthana

Aneesa Muthana Receives PMPA STEP Award
PMPA member Aneesa Muthana, president and owner of Pioneer Service Inc., was one of only 100 women in manufacturing honored by The Manufacturing Institute’s STEP Awards for excellence in manufacturing in April this year.

Miles Free

Expand Your Focus from Products to Service
Why shouldn’t we focus on the products that we make instead of the products we sell? After all, that’s what our customers buy from us, right?

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